My Journey

TemplateIts been fifty years since I left the Lower North Shore of Quebec. I am about to open my mind and let the memories of those former years flow freely, when I was a girl still trying to find my rightful place in the wistful shadows of the morning dawns. It will take me down many roads, through higher places within me, and to my knees on the floor of the valley below, all of it stepping stones that lead me to where I am now.

My life was no different from most, but in so sharing my joys and losses, it might help others to reflect, remember something forgotten, and perhaps let go of pain that is all too real long after the spirit have been severed and reattached. Somewhere in this continuation of me, I might find the reason for my being. For someone once said that for every door that closes another one opens, and perhaps, just perhaps someone might acknowledge that we all live under the same umbrella of sky, and no one is any better than anyone else, strip bare of our titles and frills we are all off one skin.

Basically in the end we have all lived the same lives, but in different ways. While we move silently forward, without realizing it, we are quickly approaching the end. We go in all directions until we can go no further, until all that has besotted us no longer matters, and we give in to the evitable, old age and death. Most go into the ground without anyone knowing their joys, losses, pains, trials and tribulations. Most never know the inner core of another human being, we just think we do.