About Clarissa


Clarissa Smith was born August 19, 1947, in a small fishing village known as Bradore Bay, on the Quebec/Labrador coast.  At age 16, Clarissa left the Lower North Shore to pursue her education in Coaticook, Que.

In 1965, she moved to Montreal to work in a convalescence hospital and took night classes to become a Practical Nurse.  After two years, she returned to Lourdes Du Blanc Sablon to work in the local hospital known as Hospital Notre Dame for the summer months.

At age 21, she married and resided in Sept Iles, Que. for the next thirteen years.

In 1981, she left Sept Iles and moved to Newfoundland and then Nova Scotia in 1984.  During which time she re-entered the education system to complete her high school leaving, and completed a journalism and creative course as well as computer skills to better prepare herself to fulfill her lifetime dream of becoming a writer.

She worked as a freelance writer for the Guysborough Gazette and The Reporter in Cape Breton.  Her stories appeared in other newspapers and most recently, the Northern Pen, Northern Peninsula, Nl.  She completed the first draft of her story “Broken Wings” when she was in her mid-thirties. After several attempts to get published, she put it on the shelf to go in real estate.

She became a licensed Realtor in 1993.  In 1995, she became a licensed Real Estate Broker and owned and operated her own company until 2003. Clarissa has three children, Kimberly, Jason and Jennifer and two grandchildren, Ella and Emma.

In 2006,  Clarissa sold her real estate holdings,  and moved back to the place of her birth, *Bradore Bay, Quebec/Labrador Coast and built a home in the same cove which is described in her book, “Broken Wings” as Lanse Kinard.  *see photos of Bradore Bay, Basin Island, Bradore Plains and surrounding areas where the author had lived as a child.

Clarissa can be reached here.

  *Unknown to most, Bradore Bay is steep in history, see the poem “Rock-Tomb of Bradore” by John Greenleaf Whittier.   See also, the writeup on John Buckle – Belles Amour, Bradore Bay.